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For enterprises wanting to accelerate their DevOps transformation journey

Increase Operational Flexibility and enable Higher availability

To put it simply, Managed Services are designed to handle the daily operations of your specialized applications. It will provide more capability to accelerate cloud adoption, reduce operational costs, mitigate security and compliance risks.

Last but not least, it will improve efficiency and security by automating over 80% of common operational tasks, supported by our sophisticated customer management process.

OutCloud will dramatically reduce your organizations’ cloud adoption timeframes, freeing your team from time-consuming daily operations, so they can focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.

Tailored Solutions

Improved availability of services

Fixed monthly price

Proactive engagement

Expert team to support your needs

Key Offerings

Better Cost Control

Start delivering cloud-native software projects that provide differentiated services to your customers and stand out from your competitors Cloud-Native Development is the best way to build and update apps in a timely manner while improving quality with reduced risk.

Future-proofing IT

Containerization is the way for your organization to go faster. Containerized applications are easy to scale and highly portable. Domore Systems enables organizations from all sizes to develop secure solutions into their new container ecosystems, while empowering them with the necessary tools to manage the platform in the future.

Security Management

Microservices allow your organization the capability to organize applications by splitting its business components into small services that can be deployed and operated independently of each other. This complex model of microservices will require support for orchestration, container management, and container security. We will guide throughout the entire process.


Serverless computing allows your IT Team the capability to build applications faster and without the need to manage infrastructure. Domore Systems will provide your organization with efficient development and deployment of serverless applications, the fast possibility to scale up and down while simplifying the process of code deployment, and maintaining your operations.

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