Domore Systems

About us

We help your business move forward and grow. We’re committed to care for your business and your changing business needs.

Since 2021, Domore Systems provides services for the transition of the legacy workloads to frontline technologies in Cloud, DevOps, and Microservices

We have customers in 13 countries from a wide variety of sectors. We embrace a free working culture; Domore Systems are geographically spread in 4 countries and three timezones.

We work with daring, innovative companies who actively seek the benefits of modern software development practices. We are a team of experienced, curious software engineers. We don’t give you slide shows and then leave you to work. We join your teams to transition your company to modern practices in DevOps, cloud, test automation, and microservices. We love sharing our expertise; we help you leave legacy processes behind, we provide training to level up your technical skills. We are partners with cutting-edge DevOps and cloud platforms to bring you tried-and-tested solutions to your specific problems.

Why are we different?

Some “transformation” companies work with your teams for months to produce a precious 300-page presentation. Then they leave. We find that a waste of everyone’s time. We work with your teams for a couple of weeks to understand your problems in depth and come up with an action plan. We then join your teams side-by-side to work on the action plan together. We do not disappear after a few months, we will be available until the action plan is complete. That is how we establish our expertise–by owning our suggestions and seeing them through.

We are technology-independent

We have our favorite tools, but we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That is why we are not requiring you to abandon your technical stack. We understand that you have invested in your toolchain, and that it could be hard to change. We use our expertise to level up your processes and tools with whatever you have at hand. When you are ready to move on, we help you setup the best process and the supporting toolchain, specifically for you.

We are not here to setup Docker for you

We have worked on big and small projects in many industries. The biggest successes we saw were in projects where the team looked beyond just their tools and changed their way of working accordingly. We are sorry to say; but setting up modern tools without adopting modern processes do not bring a lot of gain. We supply you with a rich set of expertise to support this change, from product management and work culture to containers and serverless architecture.

We seek the best solutions, not the latest tools

We love keeping ourselves up-to-date with the most advanced, most recent software development processes and tools. We learn from the practices of leading companies doing disruptive innovations. We learn from our community and share our insights to move the conversation to new levels. We are fast but critical in our learning; we don’t blindly follow the hype. Our expertise allows us to evaluate new developments, our curiosity drives us to learn about the future.