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Incident Reduction

Accelerate the Value of the Cloud


reduction in overal incidents


reduction in P1/P0


reduction in security incidents


reduction in MTTR

Increase your control over your AWS infrastructure with Domore Systems

Cloud Migrations

Through a detailed process of auditing, we will revise your current infrastructure to grasp all needed specifics concerning your current stack, which in turn will lead to the development of a new design and proper strategy to implement your cloud migration.

Cloud Infrastructure Design & Strategy

Our established design and strategy, developed by our seasoned engineers guarantee that the infrastructure we develop is all about efficiency and optimization, focusing on security, easy maintenance, and scalability. All developed to meet the requirements of your organization. This means designing a codified infrastructure, focused on reliability, and automated.

Automation and Optimization

Exploit the AWS cloud-only solutions as means of automating your cloud operations to its potential, accelerating at the same time the application of technology, focused on turning your data into worth.

Cost Optimization and Management

Cost management must be among your primary concerns. When employing the cloud, if the correct patterns aren’t put in place by your organization, your cloud costs can quickly become unbalanced. We provide a cost optimization audit of your infrastructure and implementation, focused on reducing your early costs.

Our Services include

Technical Support

Assistance via email, videoconference and phone plus unlimited support from Cloud Experts.

Real Time Monitoring

Monitoring and escalations, alerts Optimization and live Dashboards.

DevOps Automation

Infrastructure as code, governance and compliance, microservices management, code integration & deployment automation.

Backup Management

Snapshot Management, point in time recoveries, backup life-cycle management and Disaster Recovery.

Security Management

Monitoring & incident management, access management, vulnerabilities & patch management and design secure architecture.

Audit and Compliance

Analyze, protect & enforce, security automation and security standards and best practices.

Log Management

Centralized log management, application and network log manager and policy-based log retention and archival.

Reports & Reviews

Utilization & billing reports, cost optimization and performance & security audits.

Cloud Consulting

Design and operation, resource optimization, cloud migrations and security and design assessments.

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